Diane Lee Schliep founder of Canna Superior and Schliep Properties

A California Real Estate Investor/ Broker, Cannapreneur and an Advocate for Women-Entrepreneurship

Diane Schliep, the creator of Canna Superior, grew up active in Southern California participating in sports such as surfing, skiing and horseback riding. After years as a professional horse trainer, Diane injured her spine which was made worse by a failed back surgery. Having her mobility limited, Diane chose to switch gears and got her license in real estate. She successfully started her own business specializing in luxury coastal properties called Schliep Properties with the mission statement of, “Helping the community through supporting local entrepreneurs”.

However, running her own business became complicated by issues from the previous spinal surgery which caused extreme physical and emotional discomfort. To make matters worse an underlying autoimmune disease called Psoriatic Arthritis was triggered. “For the next 15 years I would grab for pain pills and other narcotics which was only a temporary fix and made matters worse. Over-time I developed stomach issues, emotional issues and more pain”.

As an entrepreneur, Diane did not want to give up, nor did she want to continue to rely on pharmaceuticals. She decided to create a natural, holistic pain reliever.Based on her research, Diane believed that she could develop an analgesic topical with CBD and other vegan organic compounds. The goal was to distract from the pain as well as calm the mind in the hopes to help reduce the need for narcotic pain medicine. Diane was thrilled when it began to work remarkably well and she began to share her wonderful CBD infused discovery with her family and friends. Now making the Canna Superior products available to the world at www.CannaSuperior.com, her new mission is to help pain sufferers rely less on drugs and to tackle pain naturally. Canna Superior accomplishes this by disrupting the neurological pain receptors in the body. It is now known for its trademarked trans-dermal formula that specializes in pain relief. Also sport and medical professionals have become advocates for these unique formulas, to excel physically and benefit from quicker recovery to injuries and workouts. The Original Joint Balm and the New Roll Away product control discomfort, increase mood stabilization and greatly helps pain sufferers around the world.

We believe in research based evidence. We are passionate about furthering cannabis research to continue improving health, as well as improving the health of generations to come.

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