To Soothe the Body and Lift the Spirit

Founders choice: Try our Joint Balm formulated with more magnesium oil, MSM and CBD.

Founders choice: Try our Roll Away non-oily formula, with a mild cinnamon scent, to soothe and lift spirits.

Canna Superior Promises to use quality ingredients and natural compounds.

As a 16 year chronic pain sufferer and after multiple failed back surgeries, I’ve began using to using Mother Nature to fight back. I created Canna Superior Joint and Muscle Balm to lead that fight.

Canna Superior specializes in a combination of ancient healing and modern healing techniques. We carry a variety of CBD Cannabidiol topicals.

Take the edge off and ease into a free movement. We use magnesium oil and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) for maximum relief from CBD through our products. Magnesium oil is essential to human health and is best used when applied topically and absorbed through the skin; MSM helps CBD to be more effective.


“In mid April I took a fall on to a concrete floor.   I lay there thinking, have I broken anything? Turns out, I didn’t.  Unfortunately though, the fall did result in a  pinched nerve in my lower lumbar and bursitis in my right hip.

After visiting two doctors, both recommended I manage the pain, avoid surgery or an epidural. I began to strengthen my core ands started  taking anti-inflamatories.  As well I tried several CBD creams and ointments.  None of which helped that much.

I later was complaining to a friend that the discomfort and pain was inhibiting my daily life.  He had suffered severe injuries and had been dealing with constant pain for quite some time.  He went on to tell me, he finally got relief,  after he found  Canna Superior.  I told him I had already tried several CBD creams and ointments, and got little relief. He said he had done the same and Canna was different.  He was so determined I try it,  that he had one of his jars delivered to me that day.

That did it, I have been using it daily since.”

Canna Superior uses All Natural Ingredients


» Canna Superior™ Joint Balm + CBD made with magnesium oil and MSM

» Canna Superior™ conducts pre and post batch testing for all Multi-Spectrum CBD Hemp ingredients

» Active Terpenes; Eucalyptol, Pinene, Limonene, Terpineol, Linalool, B-Caryophyllene



To soothe the body and lift the spirit… Try one of our therapeutic joint and muscle balms today!