My life is way too busy and active to be slowed down by discomfort – thank you, Canna Superior, for making a product that can keep up with this busy, globetrotting grandma.

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Happy Dad

My dad has used the balm for 2 days already and is amazed how well his shoulder is feeling. He says he even slept better due to less/no pain and will try the balm on his back today as well. We are all enjoying the benefits of your product. Thanks so much for quick shipment!

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Bud S. (Surfer)

That joint and muscle cream is the bomb, plus it has a pleasant fragrance too. You were right, 30 minutes and the pain in my right forearm, both quads and shoulder has disappeared.

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As an active runner, hiker and personal trainer who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, finding the Canna Superior roll-on has been a life saver.

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Stephanie H.

I’m so amazed & impressed at the efficiency of the 2 combined products tiger calm & joint superior… First off I want to say how skeptical I’ve been w/ the new “fad” of CBD oil & how hesitant I have been to even try CBD products. Diane (at Canna Superior) had given me a sample of the above mentioned products about 2 months ago. I had just tossed it in my bedside drawer. About 4 weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night w/ excruciating pain in my neck. I rubbed some of those samples on my neck & within minutes I felt maximum relief & was amazed… the relief was not only immediate but I woke up w/ no pain. These CBD products that Ms. Diane has produced are hands down a natural solution that relieves/eradicates (temporarily) extreme pain.

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John S.

I wanted to thank you for the jar of CBD rub you gave me. I have been applying it prior to playing golf and my hip (which is chronic) feels pain free for several days. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

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Dave G.

This product really works, I had pain for quite some time until I used the Superior Joint bomb, Now my pain is manageable. I recommend this product.

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