When it comes to instant pain relief, Canna Superior is, hands down, one of my absolute favorites. My name is Kristen C., I’m a 54 year old grandma, and I recently visited 8 states (and their National Parks) in the Western United States, in 30 days! That whirlwind trip involved a lot of sitting and driving long hours, sleeping in a tent on the ground, and walking and hiking countless miles. As you would expect, my back, my knees, my shoulders, feet and neck experienced quite a bit of stiffness, aches and pains. Thank God, I had my Canna Superior roll-on in my backpack at all times. This awesome product kept me moving, pain-free and ache-free. Just roll it on and go! My life is way too busy and active to be slowed down by discomfort – thank you, Canna Superior, for making a product that can keep up with this busy, globetrotting grandma.